KK-POL is a family company which was established in 1994. Since then KK-POL has been building its position in Polish market as a producer of sanitary equipment and accessories. At present, as an indisputable leader in manufacturing flush and inlet valves, the company is putting greater focus on developing the production of pre-wall installation systems.

KK POL - zakład nr 2

KK-POL, owing to its two production plants in Poland manufacturing pre-wall installation systems and plates, took European markets by storm becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the sanitary ware market.

Production Plant No. 1 in Stanisławów Pierwszy was launched in 2002. The plant, including the warehouse and the office area, was modernized and expended in 2007.

Production Plant No. 2 in Majdan was launched in 2012. It covers an area of 10 000 m2, including 4 000 m2 of office area and manufacturing facilities. Starting up a new plant enabled the company to expand the range of products which then included not only valves and pre-wall installation systems but also toilet seats and cisterns. In 2016 the facility was enlarged by additional 20 000 m2 increasing the company’s potential for development.


The production process meets all the requirements of quality management system ISO 9001. We work with the latest injection moulding machines of such brands as Engel and Arburg with 7000 kN clamping force. The most crucial technological stages, a large part of the production process, are performed by robots integrated with injection moulding machines – manipulators. Only virgin materials delivered by world renowned companies are used in the production. We process materials such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, thermoplastic elastomers.

KK-POL has set up its own research laboratory. Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they comply with Polish and European standards as well as the company’s internal research procedures. The laboratory is equipped with the following testing benches:
• for hydraulic testing which allows to carry out hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure tests, flow and filling rate tests, leakage tests, pressure surge tests, residual water level tests etc.;
• for fatigue testing which allows to carry out tension tests, flexural strength tests, torque tests, static load tests etc.;
• for cyclic testing which allows to carry out tests of flushing and inlet valves, flush plates , flush controls and actuation force etc. ;
• for control and measurement testing which allows to verify that the products meet specific technical requirements.