Water Fresh system is intended for mounting in toilet pre-wall installation systems made by KK-POL*. It facilitates application of refreshing toilet blocks. It is intended for all types of wall-hung bowls, and in particular for flangeless toilet bowls, which become more and more popular. It helps keeping your toilet clean.

Art. no. AKC/005/0/B

The system consists of three elements: a basket mounted in a toilet cistern, a drawer intended for the block, as well as a new masking plate. Installation is very easy and quick. The set also includes a cleaning toilet block.

* The toilet block dispenser is intended for mounting in pre-wall installation sets with flush plates made by KK-POL. It fits the following pre-wall installation systems: ECONOMIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM, FREESTANDING, AND SOLID CONSTRUCTION BY KK-POL.

Additional information:
• do not use cistern toilet blocks that contain sulfuric acid;
• the dispenser is intended only for concealed cisterns with an inlet valve mounted on the right side.

See how to mount Water Fresh toilet blocks dispenser: