NEW 2022!

Vitrum Grande AUTOMATIC

Touchless control – this is the latest solution introduced to our wide range of toilet flush plates. An infrared sensor detects the presence of a person and triggers the flushing. Thanks to this, the highest standards of hygiene when using the toilet are ensured, especially important in public places. It is worth noting that the Vitrum Grande AUTOMATIC tile offers two flushing options – 3 and 6 l.

In Vitrum Grande AUTOMATIC tiles, aesthetics were also taken care of. The frames are made of 4 mm thick tempered glass. The SLIM assembly is a distinguishing feature of modern, elegant KK-POL button plates – the plates protrude only 4 mm above the wall surface. There are two color models of AUTOMATIC tiles – black and white.

The plate control mechanism is hidden in the housing, but it allows for appropriate adjustment of the flush trigger sensor. The tiles are designed for pre-wall installation systems for WC: KK-POL Premium, Standard, Economic, KK-POL Professional freestanding, low high, for building into solid walls.

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(Symbol: 350/PPN/001-00-00 i 350/PPN/002-00-00)