wood_dekcor KK-POL offers a wide range of flush plates for concealed cistern frames. They are made of different materials and available in various colours and scratch resistant coatings. Selected models are made of natural walnut and teak wood. Dekor Grande plates series allows you to customize colours and it offers wide range of materials and surface finishes.

slimVitrum Grande V1 plates,  Vitrum Grande V1 Orbis and Dekor plates series allows SLIM mounting which means that the mechanism is recessed into the wall and its edges protrude just 4 millimetres from the wall. It ensures high aesthetic and helps maintain cleanliness. The solution offered by KK-POL remains one of the best in the sanitary ware market. Read more…

snitized Selected plates are covered with Sanitized layer preventing – owing to silver ions – the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in 99% which is the most effective solution available for flush plates in the market. Read more…

Our offer:

• glass flush plates
Vitrum Grande V1Vitrum Grande V1 Orbis

KK POL - płytki przycisków

• custom made flush plate
Dekor Grande V1 Venge

KK POL - płytki przycisków

• flush plates made of plastic, available in various configurations
M11 V1M08 V1M11M08M10M06M01M02M03M04

KK POL - płytki przycisków

• square flush plates (designed for pre-wall installation systems for WC KK-POL UNI)

P01 V1


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